When it comes to praising God, we have to give it up for the Praise and Worship team. This team, full of talented young ladies and gentlemen always gives its best during the monthly meeting Sundays, keshas, and all the church functions that they are called upon to participate in.
Last year, the team unveiled a new uniform, which they normally dress in on the Monthly meeting Sunday services. This uniform has enabled them stand out, and it is easy to single out the praisers during these particular services.
They have also been helpful in terms of leading the Morning devotions in church that start from 8am to 9am, just before the start of the normal service. These morning devotions have really picked up, with the worship and Intercessory session being the main factors. The youth in the church are gradually becoming more and more spiritual.
We are looking forward to the gradual growth of the church thanks to this team, and we can only pray that God will continue using them as vessels for His glory.